Lasers in Manufacturing

Since it's founding, American Laser Spares has provided the manufacturing industry some of the most precise and intuitive material processing solutions. In today's competitive market, large automotive subassemblies and tiny electronic components now require the advantages in cost and precision that laser systems offer. Whether you're looking to upgrade a traditional flatbed cutter, build a standalone, flexible cell laser, or you require the versatility of a multi-axis system for welding or additive manufacturing; ALS will design the solution for your specific need.

Project Example


Consider Orange, California based CRD Manufacturing, and the laser solution developed by ALS. ALS delivered a tube-cutting laser system they use to manufacture monster truck and racing truck kits. The laser represents a significant advantage by eliminating manual processes, which drives costs down and increases throughput.

We can do the same thing for your business. If you've found inadequacies in stamping, mill or abrasive-based metal processing, or you need to quickly and precisely process materials like glass, fabric or plastic, call us today. An ALS laser beam delivery system will work for you




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