Sensor Cables and Sensor Repair Services

ArmorDillo Sensor Cables
American Laser Spares now manufacturers its own sensor cables. Our cables are engineered and made to precise standards in the US.

Sensor Repairs
Laser Sensor repair and optical sensors services for most height sensors including Amada, Precitec and Mazak to name a few. Call us today at 248.449.3546 for more information.

In addition to our Laser Sensors repair, we also have an extensive network of highly qualified service technicians who repair your metal laser cutting machines.

Looking to replace your existing tactile follower cutting head on your laser cutters or maybe just upgrade your existing non-contact cutting head with a laser camera? Your laser torch can be standardized with our laser tips. Call or email us today for more information.

Laser Consumables
The original source for laser consumables since 1996.

Listed below you will find a few of the manufacturers we stock components for. If you cannot find an item or just have questions please feel free to contact us.

Amada Laser Consumables
Amada laser consumables including single and double nozzles, focusing lenses and sensor cables.
Bystronic Laser Consumables
Bystronic laser consumables including copper tips, ceramics, nozzle bodies and focusing lenses.
Cincinnati Laser Consumables
Cincinnati laser consumables including gas jet tips, lock nuts, lens holders and cutting head replacements.
Mazak Laser Consumables
Mazak laser consumables including copper tips, nozzle bodies, teflon spacers, stylus arms and sensor cables.
Mitsubishi Laser Consumables
Mitsubishi laser consumables including single and multi-hole nozzles, lock nuts and focusing lenses.
Precitec Laser Consumables
Precitec laser consumables including copper tips, union nuts and repair services.
Trumpf Laser Consumables
Trumpf laser consumables including nozzles, ceramics, focusing lenses and sensor cables.