Lasers in Aerospace

The challenge of building stronger, lighter and more fuel-efficient aircraft is the singular drive of the Aerospace industry in the 21st century. Complicated operations like laser cutting, drilling and welding become exponentially more complex when applied to high-strength aluminum alloys and sensitive materials with a zero tolerance for failure at high altitudes. While laser machining and remanufacturing of critical turbine-engine components grows more common every day, manufacturing and maintaining other necessary components remains a challenge.

American Laser Spares (ALS) is ready to meet these challenges. ALS's expertise in applying laser technology to the aerospace industry in new and innovating ways is unmatched. ALS resolves to be flexible and inventive to continue adapting laser processes to the advanced composite materials being developed today for tomorrow's aircraft.

Project Example

US Air Force Laser Coatings Removal
The following video is provided by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Concurrent Technologies Corp. (CTC). American Laser Spares is a subcontractor to CTC and supplier of beam delivery components for the LADS I and LADS II projects.


We are an active CCR registrant and a current US government subcontractor to PRIMES on an SBIR award.