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American Laser Spares

Based in Brighton, Michigan, American Laser Spares began in 1996 as an aftermarket supplier of spare parts and consumables for industrial laser cutting machinery.


In September of 2006, American Laser Enterprises purchased American Laser Spares, a leading supplier of OEM and OEM-quality laser consumables. The acquisition resulted in a more robust organization positioned to serve the needs of its customers as they strive to succeed in a dynamic innovation-driven marketplace.


Leveraging over 35 years of laser industry experience, today the company provides consumables, spare parts and other services to clients utilizing laser cutting, welding, drilling, heat treating and other laser processes throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Our Mission

To provide OEM and OEM-quality spare parts exceeding customer requirements and meeting market demand.

Who We Are

Donald E. Sprentall

Donald E. Sprentall, a veteran of the laser equipment industry, who is primarily known for his technical expertise developing beam delivery systems, founded the firm in 1996. As the firm's senior consultant and engineer, Sprentall is actively involved in the firm's product development and has provided guidance to a number of organizations looking to enter and grow in the laser equipment industry, and advance the technology through product development as well as unique applications.

Through ALS, Sprentall's approach to consulting and problem solving is to apply his years of learning about and helping define the laser cutting and welding industry into value-added solutions that are actionable and affordable.

The firm operates with ERP software and utilizes Solidworks 3D cad design, analysis and product data management software maximizing operations while keeping the flexibility to meet ALS' individual customer needs.

We are an active CCR registrant and a current US government subcontractor to PRIMES on an SBIR award.

We proudly support and are an active member of the following associations:

Business Memberships


541710, 541330, 333510, 333512, 334510, 333515, 333992, 333298, 333993, 337215

Product Service Codes(PSC)

AZ14, AZ15, AD92, AD94, AH95, J015, J016,J049, J058, J059, J060, J065, J066, J099, K049, K059, N049, N059, R414, R421, R425, R706

Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Codes

1450, 3419, 3424, 3433, 3446, 3448, 3449, 3695, 4920, 4940, 4970, 5865, 5999, 6099, 6650

OSHA Standard Industrial Supply (SIC) Codes

8711, 3541, 3545, 3552, 3559, 3678, 3699, 5084, 7699, 8742

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